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Welcome to Mature Adults Forum and Room Please be respectfull at all times

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 Rules of the forum and chatroom

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PostSubject: Rules of the forum and chatroom   Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:16 pm

•No flooding. It's not fair to anyone else, and doesn't accomplish anything for you.
•No advertising of any sort...
•No excessive swearing. We all do, here and there, but there's no need for every other word to be a swear word.
•If you're going to talk about politics... please keep it moderate. A discussion turns to an argument far too easily.
•If you're going to talk about religion, please bear in mind others have different views... once again, a discussion
turns to an argument far too easily.
•Racial remarks, slurs, etc will not be tolerated. There's no room for this in a global community, or anywhere else
for that matter.
•Please respect others, and try to be friendly.
•The moderators do their best to keep the chat friendly and safe. They're not on your case because they want to be mean,
or don't like you. They do this because they want a chat they can enjoy, and they want everyone else to be able to enjoy
it as well.
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Rules of the forum and chatroom
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